Beer Battered Onion Rings with Smoked Paprika Aioli

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I remember going to a chain restaurant, which shall remain nameless and shamed, that had an appetizer of onion rings for $9.00… NINE DOLLARS!  If I can remember right I think it came with a grand total of 8-9 large onion rings.  To put this in perspective, for $9.00 I could buy 15 – 20lbs of onions and instead I received the outer layer of just one.  Appalling, I know.  And even worse was that they weren’t nearly as good as what I’m going to give you here.

Great onion rings are easily achievable for anyone and the secret is the beer.  Is it the flavor of the beer? No, it’s the bubbles believe it or not.  The carbonation in the beer gives you that airy, crispy outside just like a tempura, which operates on the same idea.  Also, once you have your perfect onion rings, don’t dirty them up with ketchup.  Try this simple aioli and bring those rings right up to restaurant quality without the ridiculous price.

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