Knead for Food is a blog written and designed by Pete Gas. A graphic designer, by trade with 10 years experience, that has a passion for all things edible that made him go to culinary school at the age of 29. He also finds writing in the third person strange…

This blog is a “creative out”, as everybody says, for my culinary ideas. After finishing culinary school, life was beginning to happen; marriage, a house, etc. and I was forced to continue on as a graphic designer, with a desire to cook and now, really knowing what I was doing in the kitchen.  I made cakes for people I met on the bus, bread for neighbors, catered a friend’s doctorate assessment and hosted Thanksgiving, but it still felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

I have always enjoyed the creation process of cooking. Before culinary school, when I was first dating this beautiful woman (now my beautiful wife), I began to really enjoy that I was making something special for her.  I decided to create this blog to share my education and love for cooking with the largest group I can reach. I hope to bring you plenty of inspiration and insight.

I always consider myself a student in the culinary field.  There are too many different cuisines, techniques, terms, styles and ingredients to pick up everything in any lifetime and I am always curious to hear about new ideas that you may have, so feel free to leave comments or email me.

Thanks for reading!