Dieting – Does it Work!?

I get this question a lot and my simple answer is yes, if you take the time to do it right. This doesn’t include crazy far-out diet plans that would leave a mouse wanting more nor does it include setting unrealistic expectations, like dropping 25lbs in a week. It involves sensible, time-proven food rules based around nourishing your body and soul. After all, eating is one of life’s great pleasures, trying to force things just doesn’t work. Nature has already gifted up with everything we need, the key is just eating a bit less. Sounds easy, right? It is!

The Simple Plate: Diets usually fail because they don’t give you autonomy. You need flexibility and choice in selecting what to eat, while having the framework and knowledge you need to create a healthy menu plan. That’s where the ‘Smart Plate’ comes in. By following simple percentages, you have a plant-rich, fibre-rich, low-GI meal with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

food pyramid

In short, eat delicious food that nourishes your body in appropriate portions to lose body fat if you need to, or stay lean if you are already healthy. Knowledge continues to grow in science and research, linking what, how and when we eat with how we feel today, but also how our bodies age.

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